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Rings Printed 2 pc Amira

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These hijabs are easy to wear. Once you slip them on, there's no need to constantly adjust or fix. They are perfect for active women who are always on the go.  These Amira style hijabs have 2 pieces. The Lycra material is soft and stretchy and allows for a prefect fit for almost any face shape and size. The versatile material is easy to machine wash and does not need ironing.

  • Lycra
  • Slip-on, easy to wear
  • Machine Washable
  • Air Dry

How to Wear: The under piece is a headband style tube shape. Slip your head into the headband and pull it all the way down to your neck, and then pull back up to gather all your hair back, the edge of the tube should rest just below your hairline on your forehead. Then slip your face through the larger opening in the longer piece. The seam should come to rest under your chin and the top edge should be at the top of the head.